What is FamDoodily

FamDoodily is an original brand name for a hand drawn family. The family was created as really simple doodle characters showing a funny way of life situations as they should or shouldn’t be in real. The idea came quick, and first characters and stories were born already within just two days.

The first one who appeared on the paper was SuperGrandpa followed by Fairy Grandma in the ‘Forever Young’ series. They show the grandparents as forever young. The same like when they were children.

If you are disappointed that you found just a few characters or almost no stories, don’t worry! We will bring you much more in the future! On our website, you can see their development including new stories and new and new products. Just be patient.

The characters are first hand drawn and colored in the sketchbook. After finishing touches, they are traced on the computer in graphic software to get the highest resolution possible.