Due to personal reasons, I didn’t continue either on one of my projects for a longer period. Now I’m back creating again. Before I release a brand new design, I got an idea. I used one of the ones which I already published before because Valentine’s is getting really close.

Although I belong to one of the people who doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s day I know there is a lot of the ones who do. I think that Valentine’s has nothing to do with the culture in my country of origin. I also believe that we should show love to each other more often than once in the year.

I picked the first story of FairyGrandma and SuperGrandpa from the Forever Young series which I posted a few months ago. Just recently, we got a brand new printer, and I still needed to try to print something great. I thought that this card is the best timing for a new product. There is an option to get your card with a pre-printed text, your own text inside or completely blank to have enough of space for a personal message.

Why InArt?

It’s longer no secret that my main project is InArt and FamDoodily is part of it. I created a separate website and social media for the Doodle family because it’s a different kind of art and crafting than I usually do. On the back side of the card, I put the logo of InArt.

If you want to get this card you can get it in my Etsy shop. I ship worldwide the same day as you order or next business day. Do you have questions? Let me know in the comment section below, on Etsy, email or either one of my social media 🙂

The time has been a little bit tough but I have a lot of new ideas for the family! Stay tuned and I will be back really soon! 🙂

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