I’m here to introduce you new character SuperGrandpa! It’s been just a few days that we introduced you the first character FairyGrandma. The process of making new character takes a little bit longer time. My sketchbook is getting full of ideas but the time during the day is too short.

First two characters, for now, are digital now, though. The work on following situations should be easier. Within next weeks I will bring to the life first stories and new products just be patient! 🙂


Even if I posted FairyGrandma as the very first one, Grandpa was the very first character which started full FamDoodily. I moved away from my home, and I started very new life. I remembered that I had some simple doodle which might be useful in the future. I searched for it, but I realized that paper with this doodle stayed at my previous home almost 1000 km far from my current place. The only way was to think about the original but then new idea came like a shot from clear sky.

Why creating only one character when I can have a whole family? The same day I had so many ideas that I had to start to put them on paper. The first page of the sketchbook belongs to ‘Forever Young’ series which I will reveal soon!

I have a Hero I call him Grandpa

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