Do you also remember your childhood when you were jumping over the rope just for fun? They say that you never grow up, so that means that there is still part of a child in each of us.

I was thinking already a long time to get the best concepts. One of them that came to my mind was for sure childhood. It’s not such long time ago that I was still a child. I still remember pretty well what I was doing or liked to do. I decided to bring a very first “story” to the life. During last few weeks I introduced you two first characters – FairyGrandma and SuperGrandpa. I also mentioned that they are mostly going to appear in “Forever Young” series.



What was one of your favorite activities when you were children? I still remember us jumping over the rope.

I thought it might be a great combination to connect the fact of childhood and old age together. Personally, I call this story ‘Forever Children’. There will come much more parts of this series which might be considered the same.

In the webshop, you can already find first products with this picture too. More of them will, of course, come in the future too!

As a very brand new product, I added also a case for owners of Samsung Galaxy S6 phones so you can get a nice premium case with ‘Forever Children’ picture or either with SuperGrandpa and FairyGrandma themselves!

For this “rope” picture I picked a nice quote which says:

Grandparents’ love will never grow old

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