After a little summer and personal break, I’m back with a brand new design of a Fairy! I already mentioned on the Facebook page pretty recently that I have two new designs ready. Today is the best time to show you one of them.


As the first character, I released FairyGrandma who is one of the oldest characters in the whole family. Of course after SuperGrandpa! Already, in the beginning, I mentioned that they both would appear mostly in the ‘Forever Young’ stories, and this is the case too. This is exactly how I drew her for the first time!

I was collecting a lot of ideas in past of my life and tried to remember what exactly little children do, like or what they want to be. Fairy is really huge part of each childhood, isn’t it? I thought that this might be a really good option for next design.

With new the story, I also filled the webshop with five new products – t-shirts, phone cases and a mug.

Within next few days, I will also publish next story from ‘Forever Young’ this time including SuperGrandpa before I start sketching new situations and show you brand new character! 🙂

For now, I can just say:

Who needs a fairy godmother when they have a Grandma

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